International Data Access Committee (IDAC) Overview

The International Data Access Committee (IDAC) is an independent oversight committee responsible for the monitoring of DACO activities. Notably, it will advise the DACO on the handling of complex access requests, contribute to the DACO annual report and suggest necessary operational changes to the ICGC Executive Committee. The majority of the members composing the IDAC are not affiliated with the ICGC. IDAC members will bring to the attention of the DACO new developments in their field of research that could impact data access/exchange. They are appointed for 3 year renewable terms. The IDAC has broad geographic representation and includes individuals representing experts in ethics, databases and international law, cancer survivors, potential users of the data, and independent lay persons.

Current IDAC members:
Chair - Donald Chalmers, , University of Tasmania, Australia

Canada:Yann Joly, McGill University
France:Anne Cambon-Thomsen
Singapore:Terry Kaan, National University of Singapore
Spain:Pilar Nicolás, University of Deusto (DEUSTO)
United Kingdom:Martin Bobrow, University of Cambridge
United States:Laura Lyman Rodriguez, National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Cancer Institute (NCI)