Scientific and Research Resources - Policies for good research practices

Good ethical practices are essential to any research activity involving human data production, banking, exchange or utilization. This section includes major ethical guidelines applicable in this context. Because of the vast number of laws and policies at the international, regional, national and local level it is not comprehensive.

Policies for Good Research Practices
1. Declaration of Helsinki PDF World Medical Association - 1964, last amended 2008
2. Best Practices for the Licensing of Genomic Inventions PDF NIH - 2005
3. E. Birney et al., Prepublication Data Sharing PDF Nature 461 (10) 168. - 2009
4. Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights PDF UNESCO - 1997
5. International Declaration on Human Genetic Data PDF UNESCO - 2003
6. Guidelines for the licensing of genetic inventions PDF OECD - 2006
7. Sharing Data From Large-scale Biological Research Projects: A System of Tripartite Responsibility “The FT. Lauderdale Guidelines“ PDF Wellcome Trust - 2003