Template Letters to Facilitate Communications

Template letter to accompany submission of publication:

Dear Editor,
        In accordance with funding body policy 1) we cite the data accession 2) and the ICGC Project’s data release plan 3). We contacted the ICGC Project explaining the extent of our plans for analysis 4) and received the enclosed email in reply 5). In accordance with your journal’s stated policy 6), we believe we are acting appropriately with respect to the data use conditions and that your referees will be able to judge our work on its scientific merits with confidence that we are respecting the ICGC Project members.
        Yours sincerely,

1) Funder policy DOI or URI with version
2) Database/namespace/accession/version
3) DOI or URI of data release paper or preprint with version matching data release accession and version
4) Copy of email to ICGC Project
5) Reply from ICGC Project
6) DOI and version of journal editorial, Guide to Authors or policy

Template letter from data users to ICGC Project:

4) Dear ICGC Project Representative,
        We plan to publish our analysis XXX which makes use of your data and will cite it in the published work as 2) described in 3). Since we will be submitting this work for peer review we would like to show the referees that we understand your aims and are not in breach of the publication moratorium described in 3). Therefore it would be helpful if you could acknowledge that you (Y/N) agree that this work can be published [please delete those that do not apply: (i) before (ii) concurrently with (iii) after] your proposed global analysis paper described in 3).
        Hopefully yours,
        Y on behalf of Data Users

Template letter for response from ICGC Project to data users:

5) Dear Data Users,
        We acknowledge receipt of your email and agree that your work can be published [please delete those that do not apply: (i) before (ii) concurrently with (iii) after] our proposed global analysis paper described in 3). Please cite data accession version (DNA2.1) and note that in our revised release plan (DR2.1) the moratorium date is now …... [If appropriate: For your information our global analysis paper will be submitted/published on …..]
        X on behalf of ICGC Project