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United Kingdom
Esophageal Cancer - Esophageal adenocarcinoma
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Funding Organizations
United Kingdom: Cancer Research UK
Research Organizations
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Clinic & Pathology

United Kingdom: Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust
MRC Cancer Cell Unit
Sequencing & Analysis

United Kingdom: Cambridge Research Institute
Complementary Studies

Data Storage, Analysis & Management

United Kingdom: Cambridge Research Institute
Project Summary

The esophageal project will focus on adenocarcinoma which is increasing in incidence in the UK and other developed countries and has a very poor outcome. The primary aims of this project are to deeply sequence tumour and normal genomic DNA (including the precursor condition Barrett’s esophagus when material is available) to provide a comprehensive catalogue of somatic mutations. This will be achieved through a UK-wide network of hospitals involved in a research collaboration called the OCCAMS consortium. The goal of this project is to use high quality clinical material with accurately annotated clinic-pathological, treatment and outcome data.

Principal Investigators

Cambridge Cancer Centre:
Rebecca Fitzgerald (overall lead)
Simon Tavare
Paul Edwards
Carlos Caldas
James Brenton
Richard Hardwick
Christopher Peters
Maria O’Donovan

University of Oxford Computing Laboratory:
Jim Davies (lead)

University of Southampton School of Medicine and Cancer Sciences:
Tim Underwood

Clinical Centres and Site Leads:
Birmingham (D. Alderson and O. Tucker)
Bristol (J. Blazeby)
Edinburgh (S. Paterson-Brown)
Glasgow (J. Going)
Gloucester (H. Barr)
Liverpool/Manchester (A. Yeng)
Nottingham (S. Parsons)
Oxford (N. Maynard)
Southampton (T. Underwood)

Lay Representative:
David Kirby Oesophageal Patients Association

Lead Jurisdiction