ICGC Goals, Structure, Policies & Guidelines April 2008

ICGC Goals, Structure, Policies & Guidelines April 2008: PDF

D. Structure of the Consortium

Section D – Structure of the Consortium PDF

E.1  Informed Consent, Access and Ethical Oversight

Section E.1 – Informed Consent, Access and Ethical Oversight PDF

E.3  Publication Policy

Section E.3 – Publication Policy PDF

E.6 Quality Standards of Samples

Section E.6 – Quality Standards of Samples PDF

E.7 Study Design and Statistical Issues

Section E.7 – Study Design and Statistical Issues PDF

Updates to Goals, Structure, Policies & Guidelines


Oversight of the ICGC will be provided by an EXEC, constituted of individuals nominated by ICGC Funding Members. The EXEC will:

  • review and accept nominations of new Members;
  • work closely with the International Scientific Steering Committee;
  • revise or adopt new recommendations related to ICGC policies;
  • monitor progress, data quality, and data accessibility across projects;
  • periodically report progress to funding agencies;
  • provide a forum to discuss potential overlaps that may arise between projects and negotiate solutions;
  • provide a forum to resolve issues that may arise;
  • decide about recruitment of consultants or establish expert committees on issues related to science, law, intellectual property, ethics, funding, communications, etc.;
  • develop a communications strategy, designate communication leader(s), and assure active consultation of all ICGC stakeholders. The importance of ICGC activities will not be overstated, given that the practical benefits to the public will take time to be realized.

The EXEC that was constituted after the October 2007 meeting in Toronto will act as the Interim EXEC of the ICGC, until a permanent team of committed Funding Members is identified

Canada Thomas Hudson, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
China: Henry Yang, Chinese Cancer Genome Consortium
India: M.K. Bhan and T.S. Rao, Ministry of Science & Technology, Department of Biotechnology
Singapore: Edison Liu, Genome Institute of Singapore
United Kingdom: Alan Schafer and Michael Stratton, The Wellcome Trust; Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
United States: Anna Barker and Daniela Gerhard, National Cancer Institute
  Francis Collins, Jane Peterson, Mark Guyer and Brad Ozenberger, National Human Genome Research Institute
Australia: Warwick Anderson, National Health and Medical Research Council
Canada: Cindy Bell and Karen Kennedy, Genome Canada
European Commission: Jacques Remacle, Patrik Kolar and Iiro Eerola